**this activity currently not active due to the pandemic**


All activities offered by PAL are coached by a host of VOLUNTEERS from our communities. These volunteers sacrifice their personal and family time to coach and mentor our participants. Individuals are allowed to volunteer as a coach upon completion of a satisfactory background check.

Our volunteer coaches are dedicated to spending time with our participants and ensuring they are learning during the process. If you have interest in any of our programs, please complete the registration for the desired activity. Although our program is free, please refrain from registering if you or the participant(s) do not plan to stay committed.

Martial arts activities take place on Tuesdays at 4915 Allen Street. Taekwondo is at 6pm. Jujitsu is at 7pm.

Both taekwondo and jujitsu are offered for kids 10-18 years old.

For students under 18, we request that a parent/guardian stays during class, unless other arrangements are approved by the instructor.

Taekwondo registration is open year-round.